The baby's session is a gentle introduction into messy play which lasts 45 minutes.

With your guidance, babies are encouraged to explore the textures with their hands and feet.

Everything used is taste-safe, non-toxic or homemade so although your baby may not be eating yet, if they did accidentally grab something and manage to get it in their mouth, they wouldn't get poorly from it.

At first, they may require a lot of support whilst exploring but this is a completely, baby-led, stress-free class so it is all done at your child's pace.

You have their cues to know whether to move on, take a break or stay on that tray for longer.

The materials and themes change each week so throughout a term they are exposed to 25-30 different textures.

Each class will use all 5 senses and it is an excellent way to safely expose your baby to texture before/during/after starting the journey of weaning.

It helps babies to become more confident in exploring new foods and textures.




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