Confidentiality policy

In order to ensure that Splat Messy Play Ltd (SMP) is compliant with the GDPR, it is essential that SMP inform parents/carers of how SMP are going to keep your personal information.

When your child attends one of our classes it is essential that SMP obtain the necessary data requested.


Confidentiality Procedures at SMP

  • SMP will ensure that any information gained from parents/carers is kept completely confidential. This includes written and verbal data exchanges. Both your data and your child’s data will be kept confidential and will only be shared with you’re your consent. SMP have devised various forms for parents to fill in so that you are fully aware of how SMP may share data, again your consent will be gained. The only exception where SMP may be unable to share specific data with you is in the case of a child protection breach, in this case, SMP is legally obliged to share with the relevant authorities to ensure that the welfare and safety of the child are attended to.


  • In the event that SMP would need to share sensitive data with parents and carers, such meetings will be taken in private in order to protect the privacy of yourself and your child. SMP will never share sensitive data with anyone unless SMP feels a chid is at risk of harm or emotional abuse.


  • Only parents/carers (those with parental responsibility) may be given access to their child’s data. Under no circumstances will data be released to anyone than those with parental responsibilities.


  • When a child leaves our classes, SMP will keep a certain amount of data on your child. You can request that SMP destroy that data in accordance with the right of erasure.


  • All photographs and data that SMP hold on your child will be stored on a password encrypted computer. SMP will always seek parental permission if wishing to use photographs for marketing purposes and this includes the use of photographic data on SMP website or social media platform page. Parents have the explicit right not to consent and to withdraw consent at anytime.


  • SMP will keep all your child’s personal data in a securely locked file. SMP are the only ones who will access to this. Information will be made available to parents on request.


  • Any photographic information or data that is saved on any mobile devices including iPad, tablet, and phone are password encrypted or finger print password protected. This also includes photographs/data that are stored in the cloud.

Your data will be kept safe as will any sensitive information that you provide to SMP regarding your child or your own life.

If you would like to discuss this in further detail, pleasedo not hesitate in contacting SMP. We are happy to discuss any concerns that you may have.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We review our Privacy Policy on a frequent basis to check that it accurately reflects how we deal with your information and may amend it if necessary. You should check this page regularly to see the most up to date information.

How to Contact us

We welcome questions, comments and requests regarding this Policy which can be sent to



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